31 October 2009

Bacterial Alphabet

Dutch designer Jelte van Abbema is this year's proud recipient of the Rado Young Designer Award ... Van Abbema made his own ink out of E coli bacteria ... Printed onto a paper of agar and cellulose, the ink revealed the letters as it grew. The posters were placed into advertising boards with temperature and humidity control to ensure growth. "It was like a huge Petri dish," says van Abbema. "In the evening I had no image and in the morning I had my presentation." Van Abbema's process leaves some of the designing to the bacteria, submitting his letters to the randomness of nature ...

Jelte van Abbema has exhibited worldwide, notably at Design & the Elastic Mind at the MOMA, New York, Over Design Over in Italy, The Family of Form and Artificial Green in The Netherlands and this month at Dutch Design Double.
Website: Dutch Design Awards

Via: Dezeen

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