17 February 2014

Pixtale | A Bird's-eye View Of The World



Central Park





Orange County, Florida


Rice Fields | China



All the structures are man-made but the variety is startling.

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Happy Monday | Puppies

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11 February 2014

Caring For Your Introvert

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10 February 2014

And That's What It's All About

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02 February 2014

LEGO | Too Many Boy People

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Ho Tsz Lam | Twins

From the creator:
A pair of twin sisters, each possesses one of two identical teddy bears. One day, one of the elder sister hugs the younger sister before heading off along a small path in front of the house with her teddy bear. The younger sister decides to bring her own teddy bear back to her sister’s – so that the two bears can reunite. In the end, although the younger sister is still alone, she at least gets the pair of teddy bears accompany each other. The moment she sees the two teddy bears embracing, she knows she has grown up.
Ho Tsz Lam via Kuriositas