24 September 2009

Sex Degrees Of Separation

In July 2009 Lloydspharmacy commissioned the polling firm YouGov to ask 6,000 people over 16 about their sexual behaviour, specifically how many sexual partners they have had. We then created 17 age ranges and calculated the average number of sexual partners within each of these ranges.

When you enter the age range of each person with whom you have had sexual intercourse, the calculator raids its database to work out how many previous sexual partners people within that age range have had on average. It then repeats this process for their partners, their partners, their partners, their partners and their partners.

This is added together to give a Sex Degrees of Separation total.

Sex Degrees of Separation is not intended to be a diagnostic tool. It is designed to give you a rough estimate of the number of indirect sexual partners you may have had, going back six degrees of separation.

Lloyds Pharmacy is one of the largest pharmacy chains in the U.K.

Lloyds Pharmacy | Sex Degrees of Separation

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