22 September 2009

James Dean For Allan Gray Life Insurance

In all my years of advertising, I have never seen a treatment that was so detailed, so carefully thought through, and so deeply researched, than the treatment Keith gave us when pitching to handle this commercial. From beginning to end, his commitment to the job bordered on obsession." says Alistair King, Executive Creative Director at King James.

"This was an incredibly challenging board, says Rose. You just take it for granted that James Dean is so iconic, so to go and mess with him and replan his life, if it doesnt work its like youre desecrating his memory."

We really needed to deal with it with sensitivity. According to Karin Barry-McCormack and Paige Nick, the creative team from King James; "For both of us, this was without a doubt the most exciting, challenging and intricate television project we have ever worked on. And it was amazing to work so closely with such a passionate team and such a collaborative client."

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Client: Allan Gray
Agency: King James
Production: Velocity Films
Director: Keith Rose
Creative: Karin Barry-McCormack and Paige Nick


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