05 September 2009

Anagrams | Defense Mechanisms

Listed below are anagrams for ten common defense mechanisms. Hold down the left mouse button and rollover the space between the brackets to reveal each answer.
     1. impotent cranial matzo  [compartmentalization]
     2. porcine jot  [projection]
     3. ogre sirens  [regression]
     4. pecan motions  [compensation]
     5. into roomier caftan  [reaction formation]
     6. bulimia snot  [sublimation]
     7. casino idiots  [dissociation]
     8. palmed insect  [displacement]
     9. rosier pens  [repression]
    10. conjoint rite  [introjection]

BONUS ANAGRAM:  fuming udders  [Sigmund Freud]

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