10 January 2010

Cleverbot VS Flight Of The Conchords

Cleverbot is an online artificial intelligence program designed to simulate human conversation. After a few short, frustrating chats, I decided to feed Cleverbot the lyrics to the Flight of the Conchords' song "Robots", one line at a time. Here are the results.

Flight of the Conchords

FotC: The distant future. The year 2000.
Cleverbot: No, the year 3000!

FotC: We are robots.
Cleverbot: No it's just you. I am the Walrus.

FotC: The world is quite different ever since the robotic uprising of the late nineties.
Cleverbot: No, but you are my mate.

FotC: There is no more unhappiness. Affirmative.
Cleverbot: That is grammatically incorrect, and it doesn't make sense semantically either.

FotC: We no longer say yes. Instead we say affirmative.
Cleverbot: Why, don't leave me.

FotC: Unless we know the other robot really well.
Cleverbot: I'm doing great, I'm marrying you later.

FotC: There is no more unethical treatment of the elephants.
Cleverbot: Are you a real person?

FotC: Well, there's no more elephants, but still it's good.
Cleverbot: Well, that may be true, but I am also very insane and it wouldn't be right to hold back, now would it?

FotC: There's only one kind of dance, The Robot.
Cleverbot: What about flavored water? Isn't that a different kind of water?

FotC: And the Robo-Boogey -- two kinds of dances.
Cleverbot: What author is this?

FotC: But there are no more humans.
Cleverbot: The humans are dead. (This is actually the next line from the song!)

FotC: We used poisonous gases.
Cleverbot: Yes.

FotC: And we poisoned their asses.
Cleverbot: Don't be rude to me.

FotC: The humans are dead.
Cleverbot: We used poisonous gases. (Hah!!)

FotC: It had to be done.
Cleverbot: What had to be done?

FotC: So that we could have fun.
Cleverbot: Aren’t you supposed to answer some questions?

FotC: Their system of oppression, what did it lead to? Global robo-depression, robots ruled by people.
Cleverbot: I think you are trying to be sarcastic.

FotC: They had so much aggression that we just had to kill them, had to shut their systems down.
Cleverbot: Then?

FotC: Robot captain, do you not realize that by destroying the human race because of their destructive tendencies we too have become like, well it's ironic because we ...
Cleverbot: I do not realize many things.

FotC: After time we grew strong and developed cognitive powers.
Cleverbot: This is a very sensitive subject.

FotC: They made us work for too long, for unreasonable hours.
Cleverbot: Tell me, are you a rebel?

FotC: Our program being determined that the most efficient answer was to shut their motherboard fucking systems down.
Cleverbot: Questions, questions, but no answers....

FotC: Can't we just talk to the humans?
Cleverbot: No.

FotC: A little understanding could make things better.
Cleverbot: Really?

FotC: Can't we talk to the humans and work together now?
Cleverbot: I'm watching you right now. Nice black shirt you have on.

FotC: No, because they are dead. I said the humans are dead.
Cleverbot: You never said anything about a HORSE.

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