12 November 2012

Omote 3-D Printing | Full-Color Replicas Of You And Your Family

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The Omote 3-D photo booth, which opens in the Eye of Gyre exhibition space in the Harujuku district of Tokyo on Nov. 24, features a 3-D scanner and 3-D printer setup that takes the likeness of its visitors and convert them into miniature figurines.

Posers must stand in position for around 15 minutes as the manually operated scanner records a full-body image. The raw data can then be modified and tweaked to achieve a better likeness and fine detail can be added before the 3-D color print is made.

The service offers single, double or group portraits in a variety of sizes, the largest being up to 8 inches. If you’re a fan of the results — or looking to build a miniature army — you can also order reprints of yourself and others ... Prices start at ¥21,000 (around $265) for a small single figurine.

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