29 November 2014


Our converted, circa 1950 furnace "went up" as the oldies say, and Ms. Lanny-yap is posting these pics for those who've scoffed at her description of the monster.

We noticed that one of the little arrows in one of the cloudy little plastic windows was camped out and trembling in the red danger zone, so we shut her down. That reminded me of the caretaker's remark about the furnace in The Shining. He warned Jack Torrance to watch the Overlook's furnace carefully because "she creeps" and, well, we all know how well that turned out. And yes, that is asbestos.

We are grateful for the heat provided by our adjacent neighbors, for flannel, wool, and down, for electric space heaters, and for a few days of relatively mild weather while we sort out a new furnace.

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