20 January 2017

Alli Sebastian Wolf | The Glitoris

100:1 scale model,
painted gold and covered in glitter and sequins

Alli Sebastian Wolf is an artist from Sydney, Australia. She says The Glitoris was made to educate people on a part of the body that is still greatly misunderstood. “It’s political and feminist, but also a celebration,” she said. “It’s a hell of a lot of playful fun. Under the surface it’s so much more. It’s a glorious spaceship-looking creature with 8,000 nerves that can swell to three times its size in moments.”
Wolf’s “Glitoris” is set to be exhibited in Sydney bar and art space The Bearded Tit. The exhibition will also feature performances by a group of “Clitorati”, described by Wolf as “bejewelled priestesses of the clit”.
Seems appropriate on the day Americans inaugurate a giant prick.


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