07 March 2010

Anagrams | Best Motion Pictures

Here are anagrams for 15 Best Pictures winners. Hold down the left mouse button and rollover the space between the brackets to reveal each answer.

     1. contoured from nylon  [No Country For Old Men]
     2. anal cab sac  [Casablanca]
     3. testy widowers  [West Side Story]
     4. evil west cowhands  [Dances With Wolves]
     5. he evokes airplanes  [Shakespeare In Love]
     6. elephantine tights  [The English Patient]
     7. teen transformed me  [Terms Of Endearment]
     8. chaos fortifier  [Chariots Of Fire]
     9. my bitch god wino  [Midnight Cowboy]
    10. fleshiest bacon helmet  [The Silence Of The Lambs]
    11. redolent for thighs  [The Lord Of The Rings]
    12. gold tiara  [Gladiator]
    13. beware cranial oaf  [Lawrence Of Arabia]
    14. canaries nip airman  [An American In Paris]
    15. mouthy ebony nun tit  [Mutiny On The Bounty]

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