30 March 2010

World's Most Powerful Rock

From the Web site:
WHEN I FIRST FOUND THE ROCK I WAS NOT AWARE OF ITS POWERS. IT HAD A alien looking shape to it and i guess that was what caused me to pick it up. It was not till i took a picture of it that i became aware .For the flash of the camera revealed a human face in 3-d.
I took pictures at different angles and i guess thats when the rock started relaying its message.
The first message was to find its rightful owner and i would be rewarded greatly.
OK in i going nuts or what?
I Really cant tell you the sequence of things relayed because i didn't know if it was real or my mind just going overboard. But this is what was relayed to me first the rock represented the mixture of spices that we are today 3 different kinds thus the inner turmoil in our self.
It let me know i was unworthy of it and i needed to find its right full owner.hum.so in thinking some religious group or secret society. But once again is it me or the rock thinking up the things .So i challenge the rock ,how do i know your real and its not just me thinking up this stuff.
So the rock relayed to me to look in the text of the past
Read more about the World's Most Powerful Rock and learn about he $5.5M reward for finding the rightful owner.

Via Urlesque

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