29 August 2012

Laurent Seroussi | Insectes

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Photographer and graphic designer Laurent Seroussi combines the beauty of the human female form with fascinating, symmetrical, and leggy bug bodies in this project entitled Insectes. The fantasy creations incorporate sleek female figures blending with the bodies of insects in extremely realistic and well-photoshopped depictions.
According to his bio, "Laurent Seroussi’s multifaceted imagery brings together his background in both graphic design and moving imagery. His immediate work stretches the imagination with playful visual tricks and postproduction wizardry." Seroussi personifies the insects that crawl or fly around us by merging strong bodies, human faces, and the fine details of these segmented creatures. As the feminine faces glance over their shoulders or close their eyes with sleek and sensual expressions, Seroussi romanticizes the small creatures that we otherwise chase out of our lives and our homes.
Dangerous Minds and My Modern Met

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