20 August 2012

Monkey Monday | Drunken Lab Tech Frees Monkeys, Parties

Pic is unrelated to the story --
I simply found it amusing.
Modern Drunkard Magazine
WJBF News reports that a Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) Lab Animal Services employee was found drunk and partially nude in a Lab Animal Services Technician locker room on Monday, August 13th. A university spokesperson confirms that 2 monkeys were out of their cages in the locked Animals Services Lab.

The man is identified as 32-year-old Coley Oneal Mitchell. GHSU Police officers arrested Mitchell and charged him with public drunkenness and turned him over to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. He was then booked into the Richmond County Jail. We are told the monkeys were not harmed and were checked by a veterinarian who reported they are fine.

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