02 October 2012

Politics | New Independent Christian Party

The New Independent Christian Party (NICP) is the Party of “No Compromise.” We are committed to addressing the multiple issues and concerns that exist among Americans in a way that will benefit and enhance each of their lives overall.
Together we will make a difference in America and throughout the world. NICP’s goal is to position the Christian base for maximum influence in America, impact the world and increase the kingdom. It is an independent political Party which seeks to:
  • Influence the selection, nomination, election or appointment of individuals to a federal, state, local and/or government public office, etc. 
  • Promote Christian values and address the issues and concerns in the forefront of American lives 
  • Nominate and support the election of Christians to all levels of public office 
  • Advocate for the Christian agenda and rights, Endorse candidates and raise money for political campaigns and related activities 
  • Organize Nationwide to work on campaigns and recruit volunteers 
  • Establish phone banks and conduct voter education and registration drives, and support candidates who take uncompromising stands on Christian issues. 
We have so much to do for the cause of Christ!
From today's press release:
There does not exist a reliable political party that purely represents the overall Christian agenda in America. We can neither ignore the overwhelming contrast to our Godly principles of the marriage equality and abortion rights agendas, which the Democrats strongly support, nor can we be oblivious to the arrogant, greedy, unsympathetic Pharisaic practices of the Republicans ... The November election is poised to leave the Christian base with an extremely bitter taste of misrepresentation and miscalculation of our position and priorities concerning many of the issues in the forefront of American lives today ... The misrepresentation of the biblical teachings and principles to which we profess as Christians, prevent us from continuing to support either the Democratic or the Republican Party candidates.
Via Dangerous Minds

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