17 November 2016

Guide to Ethical Purchasing

This website rates companies and/or CEOs based on where they made political contributions, mostly in the 2016 election.
Data gathered from the Center for Responsive Politics (www.opensecrets.org), www.campaignmoney.com, and the Federal Election Commission (www.fec.gov). 
Sometimes it’s difficult to gauge where PAC money is going and who is contributing, and this list may not be completely accurate (or inclusive) so feel free to contact admin@ethicalpurchasing.info if you have additional information.

Red: Companies that contributed to Trump/Pence campaign (or Ted Cruz), whose CEO’s publicly endorsed Trump, and/or who support more extremist right-wing policies/organizations
Yellow: Companies who have contributed to both GOP/Democrat candidates. Those closer to the red zone favor GOP candidates.
Green: Companies who contributed to HRC and/or other Democrat candidates, and/or whose CEOs who have publicly supported HRC and/or liberal causes.

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