24 August 2009

A Conversation With A Scientologist

31 August 2009. The video was removed from YouTube, but you can watch at Gawker.

Filmed by an ex-Scientologist, "Axiom142." From YouTube:

This video was filmed on the 22nd of Aug 2009 in East Grinstead, United Kingdom. I asked a Church of Scientology Sea Org member if he knew that David Miscavige had been beating his staff and that Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder had left the CoS and were speaking out. His response is shown here. Sea Org members claim to be the most sane, rational and ethical people on the planet. You wouldnt know it from this.
From a Gawker tipster:
You might need a translator to understand what's going on there, but that just adds to the appeal. I'll do my best to try to explain the jargon:

The "time track" or "whole track" is the entirety of all the lives a person's "thetan" (soul/spirit) has lived before.

Being stuck on an "incident" means that something in this life, or more likely a past life is holding you back. Not only something that happened to you, but most likely something wrong you did. A common Scientologists find is in a past life they were a Nazi.

"The Bridge" is the name for some one's rank or level attained in Scientology, such as the infamous OT III or Clear. It is said by ex-Scientologists on the web that the man in this video is George Baillie, an OT VIII, which the highest level one can attain in Scientology.[1]

A "squirrel" is a derogatory term for anyone who perverts Scientology text or doctrine.

The "Sea Org" is Scientology's paramilitary branch, which holds little parallel to any other religious group. The closest thing I can think of is a combination of joining a faux-navy combined with a clergy, but with way worse living conditions and far more abuse.

"Re-stimulated" means being affected by an "incident" very strongly.

A "locational" is attempting through Scientology methods to locate and discuss said "incident" until it is no longer a problem.

An "S.P." is a "suppressive person" the general term applied to people who are against Scientology, or bad for society. The Scientology view holds these things are one and the same.

OSA is the Office of Special Affairs, the Church of Scientology's private investigation's branch and internal intelligence agency. Like the CIA for Scientology.

An "electronic incident" may refer to some form of brain washing implemented in a past life, likely by a psychiatrist and or alien.
Source: YouTube

Via: Gawker

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