10 July 2010

Archinode Studios | Pig Meat Houses, Fab Tree Habs, And Ecotariums

The Pig Meat House
This is an architectural proposal for the fabrication of 3D printed extruded pig cells to form real organic dwellings. It is intended to be a "victimless shelter", because no sentient being was harmed in the laboratory growth of the skin. We used sodium benzoate as a preservative to kill yeasts, bacteria and fungi. Other materials in the model matrix are collagen powder, xanthan gum, mannitol, cochineal, sodium pyrophosphate, and recycled PET plastic scaffold.

The Fab Tree Hab Village
The Fab Tree Hab presents a sophisticated methodology to grow homes from living native trees. This 100% living habitat is prefabricated using Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) reusable scaffolding, manufactured off-site in advance. These scaffold sections can be readily shipped and assembled to fit local tree and woody plant species. Therefore, we enable dwellings to be a fully integrated part of an ecological community.

The North Pole Ecotarium
The Future North Ecotarium propaganda project is based on the premise that within the next hundred years our climate will be irreversible altered. Massive migrations of urban populations will need to move north to escape severe flooding and increased temperatures.
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