12 June 2011

Baxter Retching Faces | The BARF Nausea Scale

This pictorial (Baxter Retching Faces) scale for measuring nausea severity has convergent and discriminant validity, and detected change after antiemetic treatment. Its use in the clinical and research setting may assist in nausea management in children. To our knowledge, this is the first scale based in part on patient drawings.

Additional studies will be required to determine if the stylized emesis anchor will decrease endorsement of the maximum nausea choice by patients with severe nausea but no emesis, based on concrete thinking that 'If I am not actually vomiting, I cannot choose this face'.

Future studies need to be performed to determine if there are age, gender, culture, ethnic, or language variations in the validation of the BARF scale.
Improbable Research | The Presurfer

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